In both summer and winter, Mont-Tremblant and its surrounding area create a dynamic atmosphere. Visitors from all over the province (and beyond!) flock there for a truly memorable experience. The area offers an array of festivities, whatever your hobby. Here is a list of activities you can’t miss around Mont-Tremblant. You’ll definitely want to come back!

Les Refuges Perchés de Tremblant

If you dreamt of having a tree house as a kid in order to live in a world of your imagination, you would be thrilled to spend a night at the Refuges Perchés de Tremblant. Spending one or more nights in these real houses, suspended in the trees, will give you the chance to revisit your childhood. You can camp in the middle of nature, offering the same level of comfort as your home. Located in the Parc Eco des Laurentides, the Refuges Perchés de Tremblant also contain 36 kilometers of walking trails, 4 lakes, a marsh, and much more. To make you feel even more out of your element, you can only access these houses on foot or by canoe.

Tremblant Teambuilding

Tremblant Teambuilding, as its name suggests, works by hosting outdoor activities for corporate or other groups. The company makes a number of activities available, from car rallies to real competitions filled with obstacles. These can be adapted for a memorable experience that meets your needs. And above all, whether it’s for fun or for a corporate event, team spirit and group cohesiveness will be crucial in succeeding at these tasks!

One of 7 golf courses

Passionate about golf? Come to Mont-Tremblant and discover the 7 golf courses in the area. Internationally recognized, these clubs will let you practice your swing, particularly on The Devil, The Master, The Beauty, The Beast, The Giant, The Manitou, and The Royal Laurentian courses (Saint-Faustin-du-Lac-Carré). With each course having its own appeal, you’ll never be bored!

A cruise on Lake Tremblant or a flight with Heli-Tremblant

See the village from a different perspective by sailing on Lake Tremblant or flying away with Heli-Tremblant. The Grand Manitou II takes you sailing between the Laurentian Mountains. On board, the Tremblant Cruises team will let you discover the entire history of the village, with a cocktail in hand around a delicious meal. Do you prefer being in the air? Then opt for Heli-Trembant, which lets you see the surrounding area from up high, on board a helicopter. Packages with a stop at the mountain peak or the restaurant are also available.

An evening at the Tremblant Casino

Located at the foot of the Versant Soleil, the Tremblant Casino invites you to come spend an evening around its various game tables. You can also heat up on the dance floor during free music events on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note that only persons of legal age can access the casino.

Tremblant music festival

Feel like going on a musical getaway? The Tremblant music festival, whose artistic director is Angèle Dubeau, will take place in the streets of Old Tremblant, with more than 30 concerts bringing together all genres of music. The program promotes musical diversity by showcasing artists from all walks of life to both (re)discover and support.

More activities you shouldn’t miss in our beautiful area? Discuss and leave us a comment!

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