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Mont-Tremblant is a lively, dynamic place all year round. Its closeness to Mont-Tremblant National Park, the Diable River and its historic and cultural treasures have made it into an extremely popular resort destination for tourists from Quebec and further afield.

Perfectly suited to all vacation styles, the town enables visitors to take advantage of the wide range of activities and to spend their stay exploring all the different sporting opportunities, or simply recuperating and relaxing in an invigorating location.

So here are five good reasons to rent a seasonal property in Mont-Tremblant, to make the most of everything the town has to offer.

A lively, dynamic town all year long

The town of Mont-Tremblant, located near one of the highest mountain peaks in southern Quebec, has made the most of its location by creating a highly dynamic resort that offers an enormous range of recreational activities for the whole family. The whole area is bursting with creativity in every season of the year, and it is therefore hardly surprising that the town is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Laurentides and the Laurentian Mountains.

A wide range of activities

The town is located in a region with topography that is ideally suited for exploring all kinds of sporting activities. From skiing in winter through to hiking or biking during the warm season, there is always something to do if you enjoy active vacations. Don’t forget to book a cruise on the spectacular Tremblant Lake.

Other sporting activities such as golf, climbing, rafting or karting are also available.

A destination to suit everybody

Mont-Tremblant is a destination that will enchant young and old alike, thanks to a varied selection of sporting and cultural activities – or simply exploring the area. Whether you’re walking through the National Park to discover the local wildlife or rafting down the river, or simply bathing in the Diable River, there is always something to do – without forgetting the various spas and restaurants where everyone can have a great time, families, couples, and friends, whatever kind of stay you’re looking for. In Winter, don’t miss out on cross country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding and Nordic walking as part of the Mont-Tremblant’s fun.

A multitude of sporting events and festivals

The town also hosts a number of cultural and sporting events throughout the year, which complement an already packed cultural schedule. As an example the winter season includes the 24 Hours of Mont-Tremblant, three simultaneous races (skiing, walking, and running) to raise funds for charity, while the summer features the famous Ironman Races, a marathon, motor racing on the town’s track, a jazz festival, and an agricultural and medieval fair.

This intense cultural life has created healthy competition that has made an effective contribution to the dynamism of the entire resort. To find out more about this aspect of life in the area, visit on our “Region” page to find out more!

Experience ultimate relaxation

Mont-Tremblant is also a mountainous region with clean, invigorating air, perfect to relax and recuperate. In addition to the startling silence and stunning beauty of the surrounding area, you can enjoy a number of spa and relaxation centers, some of which are located at the foot of the mountain slopes. Spas with hot Scandinavian baths, and specialist massage and treatment centers mean that you really can get the most out of your stay and indulge in magnificent relaxation sessions against a stunningly beautiful backdrop.

In addition, if renting a property for the season is more cost effective than staying in a hotel, why not take advantage of that fact to discover everything about Mont-Tremblant and the surrounding area … by taking your time and lingering a little longer?

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