The Mont-Tremblant area is without a doubt one of the most popular for the diversity of winter activities it offers. There are, of course, traditional winter sports, but the surrounding area also provides other ways to enjoy the snow and cold weather.

Every boardsport, one mountain

When the first snowflakes fall, Mont-Tremblant is always one of the key destinations for boardsports. From traditional alpine skiing to fatbiking (or winter biking), all the way to tubing and, of course, snowmobiling, the mountain offers a wide range of activities. Not far from the pistes, there are also cross-country ski and snowshoe trails, so not finding a way to get some fresh air is impossible.

A day with a trapper

Have you ever wondered what daily life as a Native American or first settler was like? Get transported into that world with trapper Abigougiche, who will demonstrate his passion for nature to you. It will be an opportunity for you to have access to a mountain stream, where fish await you. Show off your talent by catching a trout with your bare hands, for example. On the menu for the rest of the day: a visit to a bison reserve, hearing legends be told, and traditional cuisine, including the trout you caught and much more!

Ice climbing

Ice climbing is the perfect activity for those who are looking to go beyond their limits and experience big thrills. An instructor certified by the Quebec Federation of Mountains and Climbing will introduce you to the basics of ice climbing, belaying, and rappelling. Whether you have experience with climbing or not, you can have a go at scaling the icy mountainside.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing, the ultimate leisure sport, is perfect for those who aren’t adrenaline seekers. Practiced for centuries, you will rediscover the basics of this activity thanks to your guide, a real enthusiast that will be able to answer your questions and provide you with sound advice so you can perform well during your next excursion with friends.


Reconnect with nature by going on a dogsledding trek. Both beginners and experts will enjoy 10 kilometers of trails through the mountains and forest, all in the heart of the Mont-Tremblant area. Experienced guides will accompany you throughout this adventure where you will be in direct contact with the dogs. Some excursions also include a stop to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. Mont-Tremblant has much more to offer than ski pistes in the winter season. The area never fails to surprise!

By id3tech