Hockey legend Mario Lemieux is selling his $22 million estate, Château Fleur de Lys — complete with 17 fireplaces, a spa and home theatre — on the shores of Lake Tremblant in Quebec.

“Today, the location of it cannot be reproduced. It’s impossible to build such a nice set up with the southwest orientation that he has. That land doesn’t exist anymore,” says Engel & Völkers real estate broker Michel Naud.

It took a total of seven years to finish the property, from the time Lemieux purchased three lots to when the chateau was completed.

The 17,000-square-foot estate has wood beams imported from a castle in India, and its railings, stairs, light fixtures and chandeliers were made by designers Arte de Mexico in California.

There are eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and a guest house on the five-acre lot.

“Even with the local markets like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, we’re really attracting a lot more people now that are discovering our region — not just for skiing but a lot more that it offers,” said Naud.

The estate is designed for entertaining year round. For summer months, its location by the lake is idyllic and provides stunning scenery. The pool area has various places for lounging as well as an outdoor shower. In the winter, the Mont Tremblant ski resort is nearby.

“It has everything. It’s super well-equipped,” said Naud, adding that there’s a cigar room, various dining areas and a pizza kitchen.

“It’s a resort within a resort,” he said. “It’s a property that once you get there, you don’t really need to get out to enjoy yourself, unless you want to go skiing steps away.”

As for the real estate market in Mont Tremblant, Naud said it hasn’t been affected by the increase of interest rates or inflation elsewhere.

“Even, sad to say, the war (in Ukraine) right now is not influencing what’s happening here,” he said. “Maybe it will change, but the last two years of COVID have created this type of … a madness for real estate over here. It’s very aggressive. It’s a lot of requests, a lot of potential buyers.”

Take a tour of the property.

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